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The Stonycreek Quemahoning Initiative ( is working with many partners to implement various water and land-based projects in northern Somerset County. These projects will also be linked to similar projects in the larger Stonycreek Valley region.


Stonycreek River Rendezvouz and PA River of the Year Celebration!

Learn all about the celebrations going on related to Stonycreek winning the PA River of the Year contest and the annual Stonycreek River Rendezvouz.

Whitewater Park

A distinctive White Water Park in the Stonycreek River has been constructed adjacent to the 9-acre Greenhouse Park in Tire Hill. The White Water Park provides year-round kayaking and tubing activities within a 300-yard river park. This park is due for some much needed upgrades in the near future that will improve its performance as a destination white water play spot.

Que Water Release

Stonycreek River whitewatering is rated as one of the top five whitewater destinations in the U.S. And the long awaited releases from Quemahoning reservoir are now a reality. The CSA is releasing on an every other week basis as long as their is sufficient water in the reservoir; with some flexibility for special events. See the Benscreek Canoe Club Release page for more info.

Benson/Hollsopple Community Action Plan

The Benson/ Hollsopple community will become a major destination for whitewater enthusiasts entering the Stonycreek River once water releases from the Que Reservoir materialize. To this end, the Initiative and the Benson/Hollsopple community have developed an Action Plan to provide a ‘vision’ for their community.

Trolley Trail

A DCNR-funded feasibility study was completed for the development of a 7-mile trail along the Stonycreek River and Paint Creek, following the corridor of an abandoned trolley line.

Heritage Study

The Westsylvania Heritage Corporation awarded a $20,000 grant to fund the Stonycreek Quemahoning Initiative Interpretive Opportunities Project. The project conducted a comprehensive cultural and historical resources inventory and the preparation of an Interpretative Opportunities Plan for the Initiative based on the results of the assessment. The assessment was conducted under contract with the Johnstown Area Heritage Association.

River Rendezvous

This annual river festival coordinated by Benscreek Canoe Club attracts visitors from a 10-state region. To learn more about the River Rendezvous please visit the Benscreek Canoe Club's Rendezvous page.

Stonycreek Quemahoning Initiative Incorporation

The Conservancy’s Board of Directors has decided that the Stonycreek Quemahoning Initiative has successfully demonstrated its ability to develop its ambitious agenda and therefore should stand alone as an organization. Thus, the Initiative was incorporated as a supporting organization of the Conservancy with its own board of directors.


Stonycreek River: A Waterway to New Life - An 8 minute video presentation. A project of the Stonycreek-Quemahoning Initiative and the Conemaugh Valley Conservancy.

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